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catch up.

I really want to not be a crappy blogger, but the longer you accidentally go between posts, the more hopeless you feel about catching up. This is why I always have about four unfinished projects going on at the same time. 🙂

Anyway, our little family has now relocated to South Florida. It’s been almost a month, and we’ve celebrated three birthdays, shared Christmas with two families, and are enjoying the pace of this new life. (In some ways, of course, it’s not so new; but doing it with a baby and while not in high school–that’s new.)

We had planned on leaving Highlands the Wednesday after Thanksgiving, but decided to slip out late at night on Tuesday as we were feeling too much anticipation. In a way this was great, because we were able to get five out of twelve hours of driving done while Summer slept, and it gave me no time to be extremely ceremonial about things like Summer’s last bath in the house, or Summer’s last night in her first bedroom, or our last night in our bedroom/kitchen/house. No no, instead we decided around 6 to leave by 10, and we ran around like mad people swiffering and zipping suitcases and making Summer giggle.

The next day we were in Fort Lauderdale before sunset, spending time with family as if it were a typical Wednesday night occurrence. Our lives since then have been nonstop, mostly because a lot of our friends (and two siblings!) that live in other states or countries come home at this point in the year and choose to spend some time with us. They are so sweet. (Though I’m sure the draw is da baby.)

We have had an amazing time so far, but we’re realizing that it may take quite some time before this doesn’t feel like just a break or a vacation. It’s been close to six years since either of us have lived here full time (minus Tim’s semester at home), so it’s hard to make this reality sink in. However, now that the majority of people that have kept our calendar hoppin’ are leaving, we are really looking forward to a slower and more grounded sense of life. Don’t get me wrong–I look forward to Christmastime all year. But I also really enjoy alone time and concentrated time with Tim and I’ll be honest–less people to share Summer with. 😉 Just kidding!

Actually, that has been the biggest blessing and source of joy for us thus far. Last week I was moved to tears as Summer was surrounded by 15+ family members–she just looked around the room at all of them with a huge smile on her face and just the most beautiful sense of contentment. She makes it clear that she knows who her family is, and she is so happy just being with us. It is so amazing to witness the amount of love surrounding this little girl. There are so many people very close to her that love her, which is truly is such a gift to all three of us. I would highly recommend living near family when you have a baby if at all possible (this is a statement that would go against my typical MO of “be independent! do what you want! explore everything!” so you know I must be serious).

In bullet point form, we have found a church that we like. It’s probably comprised of 40 people so we are really loving that. Summer has her first pediatrician appointment on Monday, and Tim is getting ready to hold auditions for a musical at Atlantic Christian Academy! We are really enjoying taking our time in getting around to serious things, a luxury afforded to us by our parents’ generosity.

I will update again very soon with photos and more fun things! Thanks for reading!


8 months of Summer.

Today marks eight full months//36 full weeks of Summer Faith hopping about on this earth. OH MY WORD this girl. She is so incredible: she is sweet, adventurous, curious, SO strong, really smart, and insanely beautiful. Sometimes Tim and I just stare at her with our jaws dropped or crying…or both. She is amazing. As you probably know, a baby wasn’t really a part of our plans, much less our IMMEDIATE ones–we were going to maybe revisit the subject once we hit 30. But I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this precious gift, and for the deep joy that she fills Tim and I with daily. So here is a brief update about her world!

*Her favorite things to do right now are crawl, pull up on absolutely everything, wave, and clap. So yes, this is pretty much the cutest month of my life. She is so funny, oh my word. While she sometimes has independent spurts and crawls off around the house on her own, she typically prefers being a shadow and crawls after Tim or me. This is particularly fun when I’m back and forth between two rooms, most often the kitchen and living room. She gets sort of centered in the in-between space, and never makes it more than three crawls in one direction before I’ve switched rooms again. It is so cute to watch. Sometimes she just quits and pulls up at lightning speed via our desk or desk chair.

*Other current hobbies of Summer include putting anything and everything in her mouth. The more obscene and dangerous, the better (I’m looking at you charger cords and rug fuzz). Consequently, she now understands the word “no”! Not obeys it, mind you, but understands it. Actually, just yesterday when some heinous thing was in her mouth, I said “no” and began to move towards her to get it, and she TOOK OFF crawling at lightning speed away from me! IT WAS SO FUNNY. Like what is she, a four year old running away from a spanking? How does she know to do that?!

*She also loves to investigate every sound she hears—she will not relax until she discovers the source. She is so curious! I will add though that Tim and I have been listening to Nick Offerman’s Paddle Your Own Canoe audiobook every time we’re in the car together, and she has now become so accustomed to his delicious voice that she no longer cares.

*She’s still finnicky about eating, but just yesterday she ate a bowl of cereal with small pieces of steamed apples in it happily. It was amazing. Tim and I were in shock. And awe.

*In the morning or post-nap time when she’s ready to exit her crib, she stands up and yells. She doesn’t cry for rescue anymore, just ensues in a rousing one-woman chorus of AGH AY AHH over and over until someone comes. It is truly to die for.

*So yes, AGH is her favorite word. It’s how she gets our attention, how she shows us something, how she indicates what she wants. It’s hilarious. I will admit that I’m growing a little more impatient as I wait for the mama and dada days. She occasionally makes these sounds, but rarely with two syllables in a row and not to indicate anything specific. ALTHOUGH when she cries, you can often hear a fairly clear “mama” in the mix somewhere…but it is definitely accidental and not meant to call me specifically. All in time!

*She loves to look in the mirror, wave to her reflection, watch other kids play, and take long luxurious baths. She is a total diva.

It has been such a privilege to sit back and watch this magnificent biological journey. There are so many things that instincts guide a baby to do. I didn’t exactly teach her how to crawl or stand—her body grows into these new developments. This has been a wonderful thing to remember on the days that I feel like I’m not doing a good job with this motherhood bit. I am quite convinced that she really must be the best girl on earth. We are so, so lucky.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetWhen she learned to clap about ten days ago.
And here is a video of her squealing as I blow into a mysterious bottle and pretend to hide. 🙂

(excuse the poor quality, I used Photobooth in a hurry.)