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“Oh thank GOD. ANOTHER blog about being a mother. Golly I thought the internet was about to run right out.” – so not what I would be thinking if I were you.

But that’s okay! The thing is, I think I need this blog ha. I really think my best bet at processing various life changes and experiences is to write about them. And I am currently not short on those. In a matter of 56 days, I went from being a new college grad to a wife to an expectant mother. Like chill the heck out, girl. But now that my perfect little girl is 6 months, I feel like I’m finally able to rewind and begin sifting through the myriad lessons and joys that come along with all three of these things!

I’m not one of those women that have a niche. Like I don’t eat strictly vegan or gluten-free, I don’t stick to one specific workout regimen, and I’m a feminist but have not read enough books to claim that I hold all ze womanly knowledge. I don’t sew my pants off (or on for that matter), hell I don’t even drink coffee. But! I am interested in all those things, along with many others. And as much as I wish that I could claim I’m not a nut for something specific because I have a great sense of balance, I think it’s probably more my fear of failure and just having lots of interests.

Nevertheless, I like the idea of having a place to draw out my thoughts on all these topics, including marriage and parenthood. So here I am! I called this blog “Not Your Mama” because I just simply do not feel like the typical mother. First of all, I’m only 23. Secondly, I firmly believe there are maybe 1-2 Disney princesses that are not simply abhorrent. I am so much more concerned that my baby grows into a strong, healthy, independent, compassionate, generous lover of Jesus Christ. I never want her to fall into the “waiting for my prince” trap or be prisoner to crazy ideas of gender roles. Thirdly, I AIN’T yo mama. And fourthly, I really don’t have a specific angle or theme! I just want to put my ideas out there, keep my friends and family updated on my little munchkin, and ruminate on thoughts having to do with my husband, daughter, food, fitness, spiritual equality, and Jesus Christ.


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